Days left before departure: 114

Numbers have never been my strong suit, but I do love a good countdown.

Even if that countdown does make me as nervous as a senior counting down the days till graduation. And this move to New Zealand is a pretty similar situation. It’s like I’m finishing my undergrad in the States and going abroad for grad school. Only there’s no school involved in the move and that’s just icing on the cake.

So here I am, 3 months and 3 weeks, 114 days, 2,736 hours, however you want to break it down, away from moving to the other side of the globe. It is, as I’ve said, just a bit nerve-wracking, as well as exceedingly thrilling. The phrase, ’emotional roller coaster’ would be an accurate description of my life thus far in the year 2015.

But let’s not talk about that any more. I’m not just writing this to spout numbers at you and tell you what an emotional mess I am. I really wanted to give you a little heads up as to what you can be expecting during the last four months before I leave. I have not-so-recently returned from a trip to Scotland and in true traveling writer form, I have been writing about my travels. And Scotland is no exception. Except that I haven’t finished writing about it yet. But I am close!

So, before I leave, I am setting myself the goal of finishing my account of my trip to Scotland and posting it here for you all to read. With that finished, my conscious is clear to begin regaling you all with tales of life in New Zealand.

Prepare to laugh, cry, and maybe be a little confused, too. But more importantly, don’t prepare to do any of that. This isn’t Shakespeare’s blog.



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