CVs, Cover Letters, and a Plate of Potatoes

The day started off well with a much deserved lie in after a jazz-filled late night (and I mean that quite literally), transitioned from there to a nice lounge on the couch while a finished my book and now I am sitting here at my desk working on my second CV as well as a couple of cover letters in the hopes that someone in New Zealand will want to hire me. Oh, and there are some potatoes here, too.

CVs, or resumes, as we call them in the States, are never fun to write. Cover letters are even less so. But, I’m gonna need a job or money is gonna run out really quick. I’m sure you can tell how my progress is going since I’m here writing this post instead of writing down my work history.

There’s only one thing to do: crank up the Fall Out Boy, finish the potatoes and get down to it!

Liz Lemon will now demonstrate how I feel about writing cover letters.




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