What A Terrible Bowl, What A Beautiful Bowl. (Adventures in pottery)

This post is a bit random, travelers. But I’m quite proud of my work and I wanted to share.

My mother and I recently finished a five-week pottery class. We’ve taken one before several years ago but we forgot to pick up our finished pieces, which we’ve always regretted. So we made plans to take another class before I left and this time we’d be sure to reap the fruits of our labor.

All of our pieces turned out very well for us being beginning potters. My pride and joy, however, is my Decemberists-themed bowl. Marvel at my (and my mother’s) artistic abilities!


 A lovely, leafy platter for holding juicy fruits and veggies.


Earth-hewn garden stakes for hearty herbs.

IMG_3831 IMG_3832

A square, blue bowl for tasty treats.

IMG_3812 IMG_3813

An outdoor water bowl that isn’t a piece of tupperware.


Dragonfly jar for tiny things.


Festive spoon rest with self-aware label.



What a terrible world, what a beautiful world. 



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