When your safety net disappears…

Day two in New Zealand. Still haven’t crashed, and the quest to find a place to stay is in full swing.

Throughout the day I’ve been having to remind myself that I am, in fact, a 25-year-old mature adult (most of the time). But being in a completely new place where you don’t know and understand the nuances of society, or the legal ones for that matter, tends to make me regress to somewhat of an 18-year-old not-so-adult adult.

I went to look at a house this morning and the whole time I was there I wanted to look over my shoulder at someone to ask what they thought, to get their opinion so I could feel better (or worse) about my own. I was looking at cars for sale later on and again, I wanted someone there to remind me of all the things I was forgetting to consider when you’re buy a new car. But there was no one there.

This move is really going to force me to stand on my own two feet. It feels a bit like everything in my life before this was training and now I’m out in the field having to apply all that I’ve learned. There’s no one here to tell me what to do or warn me that I’m about to do something stupid. Whatever I decide the consequences (if there are any) are on me. If you’ve never been in that position before, let me tell you, it’s just the teensiest bit nerve-wracking.

Though I am quite sure, from time to time, I let myself get a little more worked up about things than is really necessary. It’s mostly a vanity thing, too. I don’t want to look like the dumb foreigner who doesn’t know anything and asks silly questions. Really I just need to get over that and ask questions when I have them. Because how else am I going to learn?

Wish me luck looking at houses today. Hopefully by this time tomorrow I will have a place to live.



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