The Bonding Properties of Alcohol

Good morning, afternoon, or evening dear travelers (I try to be all inclusive in this blog).  Sorry I didn’t get this posted yesterday, I was rather busy being out on a date. (Yes, yes, a date. Calm down, we’ll get to that later.)

Now I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about this. I certainly don’t think the only way to bond or connect with people is with alcohol. But it can be a helpful catalyst sometimes, as it was in my situation the other night.

I spent my second day in NZ driving around and looking at flats to live in. (I found one, by the way.) My last stop was a house in Matamata. I had hoped to rent a room here but as that didn’t work out they offered me their couches for a while if I needed a place to stay. What was meant to be a quick visit to see the place ended up turning into an all night party.

I hadn’t been in the house more than 5 minutes when two of the flatmates returned carrying two twelve packs and a six pack in their arms. We had a brief ‘hello’ and the next thing I know I’ve got a drink in my hand and we’re all sitting around the table talking and making jokes.

We spent the whole night hanging out and it got so late that I just crashed on their couch (funnily enough). The whole evening had a bit of surreal haze hanging over it. I’d been in the country just under two full days and here I was sitting around a table talking and laughing with these people who had so graciously welcomed me into their house. And they were all lovely people.

It’s a bit of a relief to know some people in town. One of the flatmates is even here on working holiday from the UK, so I can pester her with endless questions on how to get settled in. The stress and anxiety of moving to a new country is steadily starting to ease. Things are falling into place and my confidence is growing.

I’ll be back with the date update later today.



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