If I was a dog I wouldn’t need to buy a car.

Can you guess what’s bothering me now, travelers?

I’ve “bought” used cars before (and I use quotation marks so as not to upset certain readers of the old and male persuasion), but I’ve always had my father there to help make the final decision and remember all the big things one should ask about when buying a used car.

I went out and tested a car earlier today and it ran pretty well. It was actually rather fun to drive, and my host (who is a trained mechanic) looked it over and said it wasn’t bad himself. He suggested I take it back and make an offer in cash on the spot. But I couldn’t bring myself to do this for a couple reasons. The first being that, though I do have the money to offer him, the bank will not give it to me. Secondly, and this doesn’t really keep me from buying it, but I don’t have anyone on hand to help me get both my rental car and the car I just bought back to my place. And three, I grew up always being told to explore all my options and not just go with the first option. Which may or may not screw me in the long run if none of my other prospects work out. But I can’t get the money anyway, right?

tumblr_m7396fx4YG1r3jlok tumblr_inline_nvk4fqwRjb1sznajl_500

My feelings are so strong I needed two gifs (also they both just make me laugh and I couldn’t choose).

Oh the joys of adulthood and moving and needing things. We think it’s gonna be so great when we’re little and then we are sorely disappointed. But I suppose I should just remind myself it’s only going to be for a year. So even if I get a car that isn’t that great or my dream car or whatever, I just need it to last for a year and not totally crap out and cost me lots of money…lots more money.





2 thoughts on “If I was a dog I wouldn’t need to buy a car.

  1. So here are some basics:
    1. Ask why the person is selling the car. If they stumble for an answer, beware.
    2. Have the seller start the car as you look at the tail pipe. If you see any smoke coming out when they start it DO NOT BUY THAT CAR. It means there are major engine problems.
    2.1 Check to see if the tires are worn. The last thing you want to do after buying a car is spend $300 – $400 on tires.
    3. Have the seller sit in the car while you are outside checking the following: blinkers, front, rear right and left, break lights, tail lights, back up lights headlights (high and low beams). Electrical problems are an expensive bitch to fix.
    4. Check the inside, power locks, power windows, windshield wipers, fan, radio mirrors, etc.
    5. Find a long straight level road and get the vehicle up to speed. Let go of the steering wheel and see if the car pulls to the left or right. If it goes either way that could mean major problems.
    6. Get the car up to speed and press hard on the breaks. If there are any shimmying, shaking or pulling to either side the breaks definitely need work. That’s anywhere from $300 to $600 depending on how bad they are.
    7. Ask if there are any leaks that they know of and look underneath the car where the engine is and see if you can see anything that looks wet or drippy. Any leaks are not good but not necessarily a deal breaker. Leak spots on the driveway where the car is parked is another indication of leaks.
    8. Ask if they know of anything that’s wrong with the car or anything that is going wrong with the car. This simply puts them in the position of being a flat out lair which hopefully they won’t be.

    Your Impreza was a solid little car. If you test drive something the feels sloppy, rattly or cheap it probably is. That being said, I know you don’t have all the time in the world to look and it only has to last a year so I”m thinking you can’t go too wrong. Follow your gut and then pull the trigger, It’s nice that your landlord is a mechanic too. GOOD LUCK!!


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