Relax, just do it.

Having spent a lot of the last two days driving back and forth between Hamilton and Cambridge and Matamata and Cambridge (and a fair chunk of today, too) I decided that today it was okay to just lounge about the house and do nothing.

Okay well not nothing. Like I said, I did go look at two cars today, and did some shopping, and some reading, which totally counts I don’t care who you ask. So the day was not totally wasted. This is going to be a short blog, I can tell already.

There’s always a lot of pressure, both when traveling and moving to a new place, to always be out seeing things, doing things, because it’s all new and you should be exploring! And that’s true, otherwise what’s the point of having gone anywhere? But, you shouldn’t let that pressure cause you to force yourself into doing things even when all you want to do is sit at home and watch movies or read a book or even nap.

I’ve been a bit stressed about this whole car situation and moving into a new place with new people. That’s all I’ve been thinking about the last few days and I’m ready for a break. So today I told myself that was okay (mostly). I sat around, I watched a movie, I read my book and got some cider to close out the night.

It’s good to enjoy some down time. It makes it easier to face down the big decisions you have to make. So take it from me, travelers, sometimes you just have to relax.




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