Updates from the new home

I was trying to think of a creative title but I couldn’t come up with anything. So let’s just call it what it is.

I’ve officially moved into my new home. I’ve officially purchased my new (old) car. I officially have access to my New Zealand bank account. As far as I’m concerned, I have completed all the necessary tasks to be considered a “resident” of New Zealand.

I spent most of my day sorting through the measly amount of possessions I brought with me, making a list of all those household items I needed to feel like a functioning adult again and then went off to the shop and bought those things.

Good lord, I’ve never felt more like a college freshman in all my life. Which I guess is saying something since I’ve been a college and didn’t feel this way then.

I spent at least 10 minutes contemplating a lamp purchase, and then seemed to have purchased the mostly poorly designed, difficult to assemble and crooked lamp in existence, and then I spent 20 minutes figuring out which bloody lightbulbs to buy! I had two thoughts as I stood there staring at the wall of bulbs: 1) I’m really glad no one else needs lightbulbs today, and 2) have I really never bought lightbulbs before?! I mean, I’m sure things are a bit different between buying bulbs in the States versus NZ, but still!

Once I got home I spent the rest of my time assembling drawers, sorting papers, hanging clothes and just generally trying to get my life together. I also spent a good deal of time wondering why in the hell I thought it was a good idea to buy black sheets and a cheap, red microfiber blanket that I should’ve known was going to send red bits of fluff everywhere (which it has; I had to change my shirt after I pulled it out of the wash!) But, at the end of they day, I feel that significant progress has been made.

(This is a really random tangent but I just had to put it in here…it’s very weird living with non-vegans. Anyway…)

Tomorrow I’ll take some pictures of my new place to post for you. For now…I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Finish dinner, and then…I don’t know.



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