I’m not dead, I’m just working.

Travelers, about ten minutes ago, while I was sitting on the couch watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother, I was momentarily distracted by the large callus smack dab in the middle of the ball of my right foot. My left foot had one just the same, if not larger.

The start of December was also the start of my job at Hobbiton. Seven days. That’s how many days in a row I worked before my first day off, which was yesterday. Nothing I’m not used to. I was handling three jobs before I moved here. However the work is not quite like anything else I’ve done in the past.

A standard day at Hobbiton as a guide has you showing up sometime between 8:15 and 11:30 and taking three or four tours through the set over the course of the day. Each tour lasts two hours and, depending on how backed up things might be, breaks can be as short as 15 minutes.

The calluses on my feet, as well as the very odd tan lines I’ve accumulated, are badges of honor in my eyes. I’ve earned them and now I feel like I belong. Still, it’s only been one week and I’m working on adjusting to this new routine. That and I’m trying to strike a balance between spending time with my new coworkers and spending time on my own things.

I wanted to post this short blog to let you all know that things are still going fine down here on the other side of the globe. My feet are taking a beating and my back is a bit worn out, but there are lots of good things to come, I’m sure.

It’s only been a week, and I have enjoyed it, but I also find myself thinking about the future, wondering what I’ll be doing in five months when my time at Hobbiton is done. Will I try and stay longer? Will I move to the south island and look for another bookstore job? And where will I go after New Zealand? My life feels like the epitome of footloose right now. It’s a bit of a weird feeling for someone like me who always has a plan. Right now I don’t really, and I haven’t decided if I like it or not.



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