It’s time for the ‘holiday’ part to kick in…

Hello one and all of my lovely travelers. How have you all been? I’ve been good and busy and homesick and angsty and all sorts these past couple of weeks! But generally speaking I can sum up my mood as of late as ‘good.’ So that’s good.

But now I come to you again with another installment of ‘What’s been going on in Renee’s life in New Zealand?’ Honestly, as I write this, I can’t remember if it’s been exciting or just okay. Let’s review the pictures…

Oh yeah! It has been a good couple of weeks. Great. I was afraid for a second I’d have nothing exciting to tell you guys, but there is a fair bit! Let’s get started.

So first, just gonna make a brief mention here, I have started keeping a workout routine. Not very exciting to you all, but I tend to get up very early to do said workout and it makes for some decent photo opportunities.

It sucks getting up early sometimes but once I’m outside it’s totally worth it. The streets are quiet, no one is around, and the views are pretty decent, even in town. However, there are more exciting things to get up very early for.

Like early morning walks around Hobbiton where you can take lots of cool pictures! (Some of which I won’t post here because I’m not sure if that’s kosher or not and I don’t want to get in trouble.)

Yes, a work mate and I went out to Hobbiton at 6am to take pictures and watch the sunrise. It was a glorious way to start the day. It was so still and so quiet on set that when the birds flew low over your head you could hear the flapping of their wings. Pockets of mist had settled into the valleys between hills, giving a slightly eerie twinge to the surroundings. It made me feel like a Black Rider could appear out of nowhere. But as the sun finally crested the hilltops and began to cut through the fog the whole place started to emanate a kind of magic.

The multitude of colored hobbit holes  made the hillside look like a splatter painting and the grass gleamed and shimmered, still covered in the night’s rain and morning dew. It was Hobbiton liked I’d never experienced it before. Free of tourists, not baking in the blistering heat, instead peaceful and calm.

I took pictures of the abundant hobbit-sized props that litter the set. I took pictures of hobbit holes, gardens, windows, signs, flowers, anything and everything. I became more familiar with the set than I had been since I arrived all those month ago. And then of course, I played tourist and posed.

There are plenty more photos, be assured. But keeping in mind the length of the blog and also that I could potential get in trouble for posting certain ones, I’m going to refrain for now.

Walking around set was a blast. I’ll probably try to do it once more before I leave because I’m just that much of a nerd. Anyway, let us continue the fun!

There is a swimming spot just south of Tirau called Blue Spring that lots of Hobbiton peeps talk about. Until I went last week, I thought I’d never been there before. But it turns out that is actually where Emily and I went for a run the day before I started work. Go figure. I was still glad to go back and see the actual spring this time, and I can tell you it is aptly named. There is a spring and it is very blue.



I went down with Blair and Leah, a couple of good mates I’ve made since I moved. It’s a short walk from the carpark down to the swimming spot. I was taking a few shots of the river and surrounding hills and even managed to get a shot of the full moon (so to speak). Also, I’m not sure why Blair felt the need to give the double finger while walking down the path. Ah well. There ya go.

Conveniently, there is a rock just at the edge of the spring, where the water is deep enough to jump in. Now, you have to wade through the shallow river to get to this rock, so by the time I got there I already knew how cold the water was. But for some reason, I still decided it was a good idea to jump in…twice. Before I jumped in, though, I had to capture Blair doing his sexy poses on the rock, and of course, take pictures of him jumping in first.

Then came my turn. Leah had since returned to shore; we couldn’t convince her to jump. Instead she was playing siren on the steps. Meanwhile, I was steeling myself to jump into very cold water (that seems to be the only water I’ve found myself in here. Where are the warm beaches?) I also made Blair take a selfie with me afterwards, even though he hates selfies. Ha!

If anyone was wondering, yes, those are my undergarments, that is the kiwi way, and I only added the rather unflattering picture of me getting out of the water (which I didn’t know was being taken) as compensation for posting a picture of Leah and Blair’s behinds (which I did ask permission for, but still).

When we’d had our fill of swimming, we put as many things on Blair’s face as we could before walking back to the car.

Considering a hat, a towel, and sunnies were the only items we had, I think we did a pretty good job.

There are a few other outings I could tell you about here but I think I will save them for tomorrow. I’ve got some chores to get done today before going out on a night tour at work. Eee! It’s going to be so cool seeing Hobbiton all lit up. I’ll be sure to post pictures of that as well.

With two months left at Hobbiton I’m beginning to crave more and more the holiday part of my visa. It will be good to have some time off to really explore and travel to new places. For now, these short day trips to nearby places are what I look forward to.

‘Til next time, my travelers.






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