The Wolves are calling…

Hello my dear travelers. I’m taking a brief aside from my travel blogs and book reviews to ask for your help in a matter very near and dear to my heart.

I’ve had a love and passion for wolves since a very young age. Back home, there is an organization called W.O.L.F (Wolves Offered Life & Friendship). Recently they have faced hardships that have made it hard for them to serve the wolves they care for, and the community, as well as they would like. But they now have the opportunity to move to a new location that will allow them to improve the sanctuary as well as better educate the community about the plight of wolves and wolf dogs.

Please considering making a donation to W.O.L.F to help them secure this new facility. You can read more about W.O.L.F at their website located here.

If you would like to donate please click here. The deadline is April 22nd. Every little bit helps.



4 thoughts on “The Wolves are calling…

  1. OK Ding Dong, I just donated $250 bucks to the WOLF rescue. A little late maybe but better late than never. So here’s the deal. I don’t know if you remember but when we first got to Fort Collins we went up to the rescue and the people there were very nice. I think they gave you access to the wolfs that they actually shouldn’t have because you were too young. They invited us into their home and serviced us hot chocolate and we had a very nice time. They never asked for a donation directly, but when it came time to leave, I’m sure they were hoping to receive one. We had just gotten to Fort Collins and I’m not sure if your mom or I even had jobs yet so we walked out without giving a donation even though we probably could have given something. I was always disappointed in our lack of generosity so thanks for providing the opportunity to make up for it now. See you soon.


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    • That is a very heart-warming story Old Man. I’m glad you finally got the chance to return the favor. I’m very excited to see W.O.L.F get the resources they need to really help those animals in need. ❤


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