When you have a plan…

Before I even start, dear travelers, let me say that I have missed you! And I am so sorry for not writing in an age. Things have been happening! You might have been able to tell based on the title of this post. I do in fact have a plan.

Sometimes a plan comes together so unexpectedly. All the planning you were doing for all those other possible plans suddenly becomes useless. What matters though is that it got you to this plan, the one that sticks, the one that works.

Now let’s not forget, sometimes a plan is not having a plan, and that’s perfectly okay, too.

But I most certainly have a plan. And as of right now it is coming together rather well!

I’ve got just three days, travelers, three days left at Hobbiton. Like most exits, it is sad and exciting all at once. I will miss friends I’ve made, places I’ve become fond of, and I’ll be leaving behind one pretty sweet office. But much like Bilbo, I’m going on an adventure! It can’t come soon enough.

If any of my friends back home have been disappointed by the recent lack of postcards coming their way, it’s time to turn that frown upside-down! (Assuming, of course, you were frowning about it in the first place.) In the next few weeks I will be traveling to many spectacular places and will be on the lookout for postcards that capture some of the wonder.

Where am I off to, you might be asking? Well, I’m making my first trip down south since my arrival. A soon to be former workmate and I will be spending some time down in Nelson, a city that I hope to relocate to once my exploration of the North Island is complete. After that, I will be joined by my father (huzzah!) on a road trip ranging up peninsulas, down coastlines and into the heart of Mordor!

After the Old Man departs back for the States, my road trip will continue, hopefully in the company of a few other workmates who are setting off on their own trips later in the month. It is all very exciting!

Anyway, enough of my blathering on. If you’d been wondering about my goings on, now you know. I promise I will be more active in the coming weeks (which seems backwards since I’ll be traveling lots). For now I must be off to leaving drinks for me! Doesn’t seem right that I’m not at my own leaving drinks party.

Farewell for now travelers!



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