Never Stop Finding Magic

I’ve just left my job at Hobbiton, a very magical place, so it seems an appropriate time to write this blog.

Let’s be frank here: there are a lot of shitty things in life. I’m not going to make a list of examples because I’m pretty sure your brain will come up with a plethora just by reading that sentence. Often people will tote that whole “You can’t appreciate the good without the bad” ideology. Which I would agree is true to an extent, but is also used as a coping mechanism. And I don’t say that negatively.

Something I think we all tend to forget as we grow older is that there are plenty of good things that are just good. Good on their own, without any scrutiny or comparison needed for us to see it. But somehow we do manage to miss it. We lose sight of those good things and they become unimportant.

So often we grow up and find ourselves in a place where the world is no longer a wonderful thing. It is a predictable, repressive, monotonous chore. We are burdened by responsibilities that keep us from doing the things we actually want to do. They keep us from seeing beauty, being inspired, feeling elated.

When really…it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m not even just talking about the wonderment of life on earth. The complex web of species and biomes that create the world as we know it. I’m also talking about the wonderment of your own life. Where you’ve been, where you’re going. The things you remember and things you’ve kept with you. Things that you’re hoping for and striving for in the future.

I hope you never stop seeing things as beautiful and amazing. See things as more than just the sum of their parts. Even the tiniest objects can hold the greatest joy, unlock the most beautiful memories of people and places and past times in your life.

Let momentos transport you in time. Times when you were younger, stupider; times things felt hopeless or times you were bursting with ecstatic joy. Because these things, all of these things, make up the person you are today, and in some way will shape the person you become.

Admire things. Things smaller than you and simpler than you. Things that are bigger than you and far more complex than you. Don’t elevate yourself over that which you think is lesser. Bring yourself to the same level and then you might begin to understand things you didn’t before.



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