Nelson: Pre and Post Welshman

Here is a very brief rundown of the things I did in Nelson before my friend Glyn (who is Welsh, if you hadn’t figured that out) arrived.



Had my first proper cup of chai while editing Scotland blogs.



Basically had my own private screening of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.



Ate more tasty vegan food. The bean balls were amazing.



Read in the shadow of a cathedral…



…then got some lunch and read in the shadow of a bridge.



Had some fancy tea at the Melrose House with my host.



Creeped on this musician. He was pretty good…and pretty cute. 

When a wild Welshman appeared!!!

My friend Glyn showed up half way through the trip, and that’s when the real fun began!

The first thing we did was…roll clothes…yeah.


We had to hang out a bit before checking into our AirBNB, so we walked down to the coast and somehow the topic of rolling clothes came up. We killed some time repacking Glyn’s bag.

We also stopped by Jens Hansen so Glyn could see the One Big Ring. Someone was a happy Hobbit.


(Better know as the ring Boromir picks up while the Fellowship is climbing Caradhras.)

After we got checked into our AirBNB, we left to wander around town for a bit. It turned out another friend of ours from Hobbiton was also in Nelson, so we decided to meet up with him a bit later. Until then, however, we had no idea what to do. Some time was spent just wandering the town, grabbing a bite to eat, then we decided to see a movie.

Unfortunately we chose Kung Fu Panda 3, so we only killed about an hour and a half. After that we stumbled around, passing the next few hours with whatever we could find to do, until finally it was time to head to Sprig and Fern. There we spent time catching up with Mathias over a beer. Glyn wouldn’t stop raving about their Scotch Ale.

The first night in Nelson post Welshman was pretty low key. To change gears a bit, travelers, I am currently in full blown travel mode. That is basically a nice way of saying I’m jobless and homeless. I’m very behind in blogging my adventures for you, but slowly but surely I will catch up! Entries might be a bit short just so I can keep making progress consistently.

Until next time, travelers.



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