Tahunanui Beach and the World Of Wearable Art

Our second day in Nelson started off with a nice breakfast at Lambretta’s Cafe with Mathias. Before we parted ways we made plans to meet up again that night for one last hurrah before we went our separate ways.

Mathias went off to get himself sorted for the Abel Tasman Track while Glyn and I did a bit of bead shopping before crossing the street to rent a couple bikes. During my first few days in Nelson I had noticed it seemed pretty bike friendly, and I had been wanting to get back on a bike for a while, so renting bikes for a day seemed the logical thing to do.

After the obligatory ‘We’re going on a bike ride’ selfie, we began navigating our way out of the city centre and towards Tahunanui Beach. It’s the beach of Nelson, according to some website I looked at before I left. And it was a pretty nice beach. Very big with nice views and this random hut thing that someone, or several someones, built out of driftwood. But before we got to the beach, Glyn and I got distracted by the playground.

Back home there was a park and it had this fixture that we called the spider web. Basically it was this big rope pyramid that you could climb all over. Ours was taken away some years ago, probably because a parent complained about their kid falling off it and getting hurt. I’ve seen several in New Zealand, however, so I took advantage of this one while we were there.

Glyn tried and failed to make it to the top before the allotted Snapchat video time ran out, but he gave it a valiant effort. We also had some fun on one of those big slanted spinning wheels. And of course we had to swing for a bit. Then we went to the beach. I know I probably mention it every time I blog about going to a beach but it was really weird to me that the beach was only a 20 minute bike ride away. But, I’ll move on.

After walking a bit of the beach, looking for shells and exploring random huts, we walked back to the parking lot and moved further down the coast to find Natureland Wildlife Trust. It’s a small park with a handful of domestic and exotic animals. They work to educate visitors on conservation and healthy human-wildlife relations. Plus you get to feed llamas!

So we wandered around the park a bit, feeding furry, four-legged farm animals, who of course fought over the feed. Then we saw the more exotic stuff like meerkats, who are freaking adorable, if you didn’t know, and porcupines, who were busy sleeping. Small as it was, walking around the park only killed a few minutes. It was then time for the World of Wearable Art.

The World of Wearable Art is something I think most people will appreciate on some level, and if you don’t well then there may be something wrong with you. It’s pretty much just what it sounds like. People make outfits out of anything and everything, from chopsticks to straw. And many of them are absolutely gorgeous. Others are creepy as. There was also a classic car museum housed in the same building, and most cars have a beauty of their own.

I won’t say much about the museum since it is such a visual thing, but once you walk through the velvet curtain it is like entering a whole other world. Everything is strange but also familiar. The place has a sort of ethereal and mystical ambiance. I was in awe the whole time. Now enjoy the pictures.

When we finished at the museum we were running near to the end of our time with our bikes so we left the museum to find a bite to eat before riding back.

There weren’t a whole lot of places around. We decided on Smugglers Pub and Cafe, because who doesn’t love a good pirate themed restaurant? The place was empty when we walked in except for the staff. We were between lunch and dinner, but a family did arrive shortly after we did. The first order of business was drinks. Once we had those we perused the menu. I went with my go to (chips) and Glyn got this fancy platter.


Aye, we be castin’ off now!

Once the bikes were returned, it was time to prepare for the evenings entertainment. We walked back to the flat to drop of some things and pick up others and then we were off the The Boathouse. I had noticed a sign for live music on Friday night while out on my walk with Linda. I’ve been missing live music in my life so I mentioned it to Glyn and he was game to go.

It didn’t take long after we arrived for us to realize we were very out of our…age range. The band was old, and so was everyone else. Besides some young kids that had been brought along, Glyn and I were the youngest people there. I still had a good time, however. The band was rockin’, people were up dancing, and Glyn ordered an amazing slice of chocolate cake. So we were happy.

An hour into the show we got a message from Mathias. He was finished hanging out with another group of mates and was ready to meet up for a drink. He swung by and picked us up and we drove into town to find a place to grab a drink. For a moment we thought about going back to Sprig and Fern but decided to mix it up and pick somewhere new. We ended up at The Vic’s.

It turned out they had live music here as well. Just a couple of guys on guitar. They weren’t bad, but Mathias and I were enjoying some good conversation and it was a bit hard to hear over the music. We spent an hour or so at the bar before the evening started to wind down. We were all feeling tired and Mathias had to be up early the next day. Glyn said his goodbye inside and stayed to finish his drink. I walked Mathias to his car and sent him on his way with a hug and an ‘au revoir’ before heading back inside to collect Glyn and make the walk home.





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