Ren the Nomad

Well, my fellow travelers, right now I really am your fellow traveler. I’ve been traveling for the whole month of May, actually. It started with the trip to Nelson and right after that I traveled for two weeks with my dad (which I will be catching you up on soon). But for now I thought I would give everyone a more current rundown of what’s been going on with me.

As the title suggests, I am quite nomadic at the moment. “Flying by the seat of my pants” is a phrase I’ve been using a lot as well. For the first few days after dad left I had what you could roughly call a plan. I spent a few days crashing at a mate’s in Matamata. It was nice to have a few days in a familiar place to mentally prepare myself for what was ahead. After that I moved south down to Taupo to stay with another friend.

If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to in all these places, a fair amount of time is spent relaxing at wherever I happen to be staying (AirBNB, friend’s place, etc.), reading, writing blogs and figuring out where the heck I’m going next. That last one usually takes place the day before I’m leaving. I’m still trying to adjust to this new way of living. I’m reminding myself there is no need to feel guilty for just hanging out and doing whatever I feel like, even if what I feel like is watching Netflix for hours in a row.

That being said, I have explored. I was in Napier for the first time a couple of days ago. It’s a cool little town with lots of nice art deco buildings and a beautiful walkway along the beach. From Napier I made my way back north to Whakatane in hopes of seeing a friend and staying with her a few days. Sadly that didn’t work out. The time came again to close my eyes and jab my finger at a map to see where I’d be off to next. Just kidding. My next stop was Ohakune. I had some business there.

Ticking off unseen set location is the only thing really giving me any direction. Ohakune is just south of Mt. Ruapehu, which is where they shot many scenes of Mordor in the LOTR films. So I was headed down there to check that out with a few friends. Sadly, our plans were disrupted by an unfortunate car accident. Everyone is fine, but my friends car is totaled. So we’ve had to adjust plans a bit. I’m still hanging around in Ohakune to give them a hand getting all their stuff. After that I’m down the coast to The Barnacles Seaside Inn, a place I’ve been once before.

Traveling alone is interesting. It’s not un-fun but it’s not always that fun either. It’s not always as fun as it could be, let’s say. I think it is an experience everyone should have (especially if you travel a lot) because it does give you the chance to learn more about yourself as well as grow from your experiences. But right now, two weeks into solo travel with no real direction, I would opt for a companion over continuing alone.

It’s been good to meet up with my friends, even though some rather shitty things happened. We’re trying to make the most of it, but I’ll be sad when they go off their separate way. Our time together will keep me going though, until I can settle down again and make some new friends. And in a few short months I’ll be reunited with my best travel companion. I’m looking forward to September 18th.

Here’s some pictures of things I’ve seen on my travels.

I went back to Hobbiton while I was in Matamata (how could I not?). I took a few more pictures, as if I don’t already have enough. I also got to see my hobbits one more time. And yes, I was crashing on the couch.

I think I saw at least three rainbows and lots of pretty hills on my drive to Taupo. I also enjoyed a nice walk along the Waikato River.

Napier was nice. Lots of art deco buildings and statues. The Centennial Gardens were a bit pitiful with it being winter and all. The estuary walk was nice though, as was the beach. Though pebbles might be worse to walk on than sand. I also learned that my friends and family have very dirty minds…like I didn’t already know that.

Didn’t see too much of Whakatane, but got a bit of reading done down by the estuary.

I’ll update you on Ohakune soon. Until then…



2 thoughts on “Ren the Nomad

  1. Hey, Travel Buddy!

    Great blog and wonderful pictures. I can’t wait to be back in Middle Earth to see my favorite elf again!

    Love you!


    On Sat, Jun 4, 2016 at 6:28 PM, The Wandering Ren wrote:

    > thewanderingren posted: “Well, my fellow travelers, right now I really am > your fellow traveler. I’ve been traveling for the whole month of May, > actually. It started with the trip to Nelson and right after that I > traveled for two weeks with my dad (which I will be catching you up ” >

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