The Hostel Life

Sooo, I’ve been living at a hostel for the last two months, dear travelers. For those of you who are familiar with hostels, I’m sure you can imagine how interesting the last couple of months have been for me. Add on top that I’ve been responsible for the housekeeping as well and you have the perfect recipe for a blog!

Here are a few things I have seen, heard, and had to deal with during my time living at a hostel.


During the first month of my stay there were a few guys living there that I would sort of hang out with. One day we were having a conversation and somehow the joke was made that I was staying in room 69. Then a couple days later I saw this. They got me good.


From time to time there are less than hygienic people that come to stay. And lucky for me, I get to clean up after them. This particular lodger somehow managed to spread laundry detergent everywhere (on practically every night of his stay) and caused me to spill L&P on the floor because he hadn’t put the cap on all the way. Also, yes, they are usually men…boys.


This has been a theme throughout my stay. Apparently it is very hard to pull off a length of toilet paper without also dropping half of it on the floor. And the even more difficult part? Picking it up.


This I just don’t understand. Like, really? Who—who does this?

At the end of August there was a girls football (that’s soccer to you Americans) team staying with us for a week. A couple things about that. 1) I really hate teenage girls, especially when they are in packs, which, let’s be honest, when are they not? 2) It was super satisfying to tell them off one night when they were being ridiculously loud. And 3) apparently teenage girls like to hoard trash. That one I didn’t see coming.


I’m pretty okay with doing laundry every day. Especially on a day like this, when I can pretend I’m building the shittiest blanket fort ever.


This picture will just have to stand in for all the other gross disgusting things I’ve had to deal with in the kitchen because people don’t know how to clean up after themselves. The reason this particular spill was photo-worthy is because to most people it is probably lentils, to me, it is cat puke.


A tasty Vietnamese Pancake my roommate made for me. 

Living in a hostel can be good or bad, depending on who you are, what hostel you’re staying at, and who is staying there with you. It’s kind of like living in a really big house, only you have actual roommates, you’re probably sleeping in a bunk bed, and everyone speaks a different language.

But those are also the cool things about living in a hostel. I’ve met lots of lovely people from many different places: Vietnam, China, France, Slovenia, England, Germany and Belgium. There have been good days and bad days, but despite all the shit, my time at Aurora will always have a special place in my heart.



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