Review: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

trevor-noah-book-born-a-crime-stories-from-a-south-african-childhoodLike many people, I was first introduced to Trevor Noah through The Daily Show. And I liked him. So when his book came out I decided to pick it up, and I’m really glad I did.

Even though he’s young, Trevor Noah has had a very exciting, if not unorthodox (at least compared to my own) childhood/life. That was one of the big things I liked about the book. It immersed me in a life that I can hardly imagine growing up in. It gave me a closer look at what life was really like during apartheid and helped me to understand just what apartheid really meant to the people that lived through it.

Even though the book deals with awful, hateful things, the tone is generally lighthearted, and there are quite a few funny moments. The end almost had me in tears though. There was what amounted to a huge spoiler right at the start of the book but I couldn’t figure out the whole time whether…something bad was going to happen. And then I was dragged through the last 10 pages like I wasn’t reading a memoir but a freaking thriller novel!

I would recommend this even for people who aren’t the biggest fans of memoirs. Also, Trevor Noah’s mom sounds like a total badass.



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