Review: Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan

31y1ackaprl-_sy344_bo1204203200_David Levithan, we meet again. Those who have been following my reviews will know I’m a David Levithan fan. His writing is always solid and he does such a fantastic job of putting visceral emotions into words that are always spot on. Sometimes he even captures them in new ways you never even thought of. But anyway, point being a really like his stuff.

Boy Meets Boy has been on my list for a while and it filled the I-need-to-read-one-more-book-for-the-year requirement nicely. I saw someone describe the book as set in a “gay utopia” or something like that. Which I can agree with a bit. It’s definitely a world different from our own. The cheerleaders ride Harleys, the star quarterback is also homecoming queen, and people are pretty tolerable of all types. But it’s not a utopia.

Feelings still get hurt and people are still unhappy about things. Utopia can’t exist as long as people exist because we are inherently “flawed” just based on our hardwiring. But this book also shows that a world that is different from our own (and in some ways better) can exist and life won’t implode. David Levithan’s books make be believe in love, like the true, deep, passionate love a lot of us dream about and secretly hope for even if we’re cynical as hell on the surface.

Levithan’s characters are funny, complex and have their shortcomings, but when you put them all together they create a diverse group of friends that you feel a part of when you’re reading.



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