Review: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

32075671Thiiiiissss was a really bad book to read right after a book that reminded me of the current state of our government (or rather the giant shitshow going on in DC). This was yet another book that reminded me of some seriously messed up stuff that is not just a fiction; it is actually happening, has happened, in our reality. So after this book I decided I would pick up something fun.

While this book made me angry, it also made me laugh, made me sad (in several different ways), and it endeared me to all its characters seemingly without trying. Not only was it about racism, it was about friendship and family and how growing up is tough enough without being discriminated against.

The Hate U Give gave a very personal view of a prevalent issue most of us only experience on a screen. Even though it’s a fiction, this book gives a very accurate portrayal of what a person, a family, and a community go through after a terrible tragedy. I appreciate how it gave voice to the different stances people might take. Starr had as much reason as Khalil’s family to be mad as hell (which she certainly was, I think) but she did her best to not escalate the situation and contribute negatively (tear gas throwing aside, we all have our moments of weakness).

I hope a lot of people read this book. Even if a lot of us might not ever be near a situation like our best friend getting shot on the side of the road for no reason other than the color of their skin, this book helps to make those people that have been that much more human. It helps us see just how ridiculous and illogical the behavior of some people are. We can’t let the stereotypes propagated by a few affect our view of an entire race, or culture, or anything.

Remember, Thug Life.




Review: Amberlough by Lara Elena Donnelly

29939270So this was a terrible book to read at this particular moment in time. Events in the book were very similar to things happening in our own political system and it just got me down a bit. But still a great book!

Amberlough is sexy, funny, and excels at heart-breaking. The characters are great. Cordelia is a feisty, take-no-shit-from-anyone, kickass woman. She knew how to take care of herself but also had a good heart and tried to take care of the people she loved.

I couldn’t stop picturing Cyril as this frumpy middle aged dude (mostly because of Archer) but then my coworker described him as a worn down, young Daniel Craig and that helped. I had a love/hate feeling about Cyril, because while he seemed like a decent guy with good intentions he was helping everything get fucked! Again, with good intentions, but dammit Cyril!

Aristide I liked for his pick yourself by your bootstraps attitude. Though his story also makes me sad. Clearly he wanted to leave his old life behind and change things but it always gets me down knowing someone felt trapped somewhere. And damn him and Cyril for not saying how they really feel!

Anyway, like I said, a really terrible book to read during this exact moment in our existence but I won’t say more than that as to not give away the ending. But this is a great debut novel and a fantastic story of love, betrayal and trying to find, and keep, a space for yourself in the world.